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Words of Hope

A Word from the Author of Words of Hope

I believe imagination is a great gift from our creator, and through my imagination I began to think. How can I motivate my grandfather who lives 2,200 miles from away from me?  

I started emailing her Words of Hope. I was showing them to my wife and she said, "this is pretty good." Before long I was sending it to 40, 50, 60 of my friends and after receiving a lot of feedback I thought maybe I should start a website, because Words of Hope is the way I believe we get better, because it causes us to slow down.  

You see in life there is drive, there is rhythm and there is space. I believe most Americans are working too long and too hard and with too much pressure. Not to say working hard is not important, but we don’t have the right rhythm because we don’t create space for rest.  

The number one excuse I hears is, “I’m too busy, I don’t have have enough time.”  

I believe e need to slow the bus down (that’s my wife’s favorite saying), she says, “Fred slow the bus down.” Words of Hope slows your bus down, it focuses you to center on what is really important. How do you want to live? How do you want to spend your time?  

If you can take 5-10 minutes a day with me and Words of Hope, you are going to find rhythm, and you are going to find space, and that is going to give you the energy to get more done than you ever though possible.  

In the last 2 years over 500 Word’s of Hope have been written, which are being put into a wonderful book that you can have on your shelf.  

If you get in the habit of looking at Words of Hope daily you going to find a stillness and quietness that is going to add to your ability to drive hard.  

Look forward to Words of Hope it’s coming soon.  

- Fred Crowell

We all need hope and encouragement. Encouragement is like oxygen.

If you or somone you know is in need of daily encouragement Words of Hope was written with you in mind.

Do you feel like you are running in quicksand?

Change comes when we create rythm and space. If we are too busy we won't change.  

Words of Hope is a daily devotional created to help you find your rythm and space.  

With the goal to provide you the energy needed to drive hard towards what really matters, while reminding you to anchor yourself to the truth which keeps you from being swept away in the storm of life's business.

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WordsofHope.com contains over 500 arcticles that we encourage you to read and share with your friends.


Never in the history of humankind has there been more suicides. Each day there are over 128 people who take their own life.  


Joy is a very precious gift from the Heavenly Father. It cannot be manufactured, and it is more precious than any material present. 


Never in American history have youth been less equipped to win. Our youth have not been primed to fight back when rock bottom adversity hits.


As medicine is to the body, gratitude is to the soul.

About the Author - Fred Crowell

Fred Crowell founder of NBC Camps (one of the largest overnight basketball and volleyball programs in the world) and Author of "Meet My Head Coach" (running it's 7th addition) has written over 500 daily Word of Hope articles over the past 2 years.

Fred's new book Words of Hope includes 365 select articles in a perfect bound high quality book, available now for pre-order.


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